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Mario Alessandro BOCHICCHIO


Corso di laurea magistrale in "European Heritage, Digital Media and The Information Society"
Database Design

6 credits (CFU),
I year, I period


1)      Course presentation and aim

The course aims at providing the students coming from the humanities with the basics of Database Design. A particular focus will be placed on theories and tools that have become fundamental in their primary field of interest.

The following topics will be taught:

- Database and relational databases;

- Database management systems;

- Relational Model and Relational Algebra;

- SQL: data definition and manipulation;

- Basics of Computer-Human Interaction: data-centric user interfaces;

- Architectural aspects: Desktop Applications, Web Applications and Apps;

- Principles of Data Analytics;

- Database applications for Humanities and Cultural Heritage.


Reference material:


All needed reference material is composed, organized and constantly updated by the teacher. It will be posted in the course moodle site.


“Fundamentals of Data Base Systems", 6th Edition, Elmasri & Navathe, Pearson International Edition


As a secondary reference, the following texts may be consulted:


- "Datawarehouse Design- Modern Principles and Methodologies", Matteo Golfarelli, Stefano Rizzi, McGrawHill


2) Acquired skills


The student will be able to understand data model, to interact with existing databases and to collaborate with software engineers to design data-centric applications. Such skills will prove useful in other courses (ex. web technologies) to design online applications and online services for humanities.


3) Prerequisites


Familiarity with computers (at least at ECDL level)


4) Didactic method

Frontal lessons and lectures, for theoretical aspects, will be followed by participatory learning sessions and hands-on sessions to reinforce the comprehension and to acquire the abilities relevant to the field of database design.


5) Students evaluation

Students will be asked to solve problems including theoretical and practical task, by means of a computer, within a given time.

Altri corsi presso la Facoltà di Ingegneria:

- "Database"

-"Enterprise Information Systems"

Info su corsi ed esami:    http://mb.unisalento.it