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Lettrice di madre lingua inglese

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Lettorato di inglese II anno - LCLS  corso di laurea triennale (DM270)


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Our lettorato lessons will begin on week starting November 1st 2021 (please note November 1st is a holiday). Please find the Google Classroom codes below to join your group (Eng/Sp; Eng/Fr; Eng/Ger). On each Classroom page you will find the Google Meet code for our blended learning lessons.

Eng/Sp      s3sw64c

Eng/Fr       l43bii2

Eng/Ger    2ganudg

If you followed the course last year and intend to take the ACL in January 2022, please join a 2021-22 group to keep updated on info and materials. 

The coursebook we are using is English File Upper Intermediate, Oxford University Press. Please wait for further details before buying it.


RICEVIMENTO:  Tuesdays       11.00 - 12.00     Sala Lettori, Buon Pastore

                            Fridays          11.00 -12.00      online by appointment


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Sala Lettori, Edificio Buon Pastore, Viale Taranto, Lecce

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