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Degree course
Laurea Magistrale
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Classe delle lauree magistrali in Biologia - LM-6 (DM270)
2 anni
Lecce - Università degli Studi
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Corso ad accesso libero
Career opportunities - Zoologi - Ecologi

Course description

In terms of acquisition of adequate competences and instruments for both written and oral communication; elaboration and presentation of experimental data; ability of team work; transmission and spread of information on biological themes in the current environmental sector. Practical classes include also the use of IT instruments and of scientific texts and/or articles in English, with both group and individual work. The skills for data elaboration and presentation, for the capability of team work, for the transmission and spread of information on biological themes will be mainly acquired during a period of stage (at either private or public research and analysis laboratories, firms, companies and professional orders) and during the preparation of the final exam (the writing of the final essay and the exposition of results), when the verification of the acquisition of these skills will be carried out. lecturers and/or specialized personnel, by final check through tests and/or written reports.
In terms of acquisition of conscious judgement autonomy with reference to: collection, evaluation and interpretation of laboratory experimental data (choice and use of suitable instruments and investigations for a specific research); laboratory security (security forms, sanitary surveillance, regulations and legislation); principles of professional deontology and scientific approaches to bioethical problems. Skill acquisition will be obtained through lectures and seminars by expert lecturers and/or specialized personnel, by final check through tests and/or written reports.
The guidance activities for enrollment, guidance and mentoring in progress, assistance to carry out training periods abroad are carried out by the tutor of the degree course, with the involvement of the Manager of the Faculty of Sciences. FF. NN. and the Head of Secretariat Services to Students.

Among the teachers of the course of study, the Teaching Council in Biology Tutor identifies the teaching, which have the task of following students enrolled in the Master of Science in Coastal and Marine Biology and Ecology.
In terms of acquisition of adequate competences for the development and the advancement of further competence about: mining and consultation of bibliographic material, consultation of data banks and other web information, basic cognitive instruments for the continuous update of own knowledge. These skills will be mainly acquired during the stage period and during the accomplishment of the final essay, during which the acquisition of these skills will be checked. Also the sources for each exam will be mainly based on up-to-date literature surveys, building on textbook knowledge.
Coastal and Marine Biology and Ecology is a two-year II level course according to DM 270/04, which does not contemplate a fixed number of enrolled students. As specified within the related Schema of Teaching Organization, admission to this Course requires the possession of specific curricular requisites and it is subordinated to the overcoming of evaluation of the adequacy of their personal preparation according to the terms that will be established at the beginning of each academic year and will be made explicit in the admission notification. To obtain the final qualification, a student must achieve a minimum of 120 CFU’s (University Formative Credits) including 30 CFU’s related to the final test (which concerns internships or work experience - previously cleared by the Educational Competent Body - at research institutions or universities, public or private companies, may be based on an activity report and does not provide an associated vote, but only an assessment of fairness expressed by the Educational Competent Body).
Graduates in the Corso di Laurea Magistrale (CLM) in Coastal and Marine Biology and Ecology must possess a solid preparation in basic biology, and in the various sectors of applied biology aimed at the understanding of the ecological phenomena at the level of the various scales in coastal, transitional, and marine ecosystems. These skills are acquired in the following areas of learning: Characteristic activities (biodiversity and environment, biomolecular and Bbiomedical); related activities (supplementary and related activities).
In order to provide these skills, the CLM envisages activities aimed at: acquiring deep knowledge on the biology and ecology of coastal and marine ecosystems; activities in disciplines related to biology and ecology and coherent with the objectives of the course, so as to integrate an interdisciplinary formation. In order to provide a practical, operative and adequate training to provide the essential skills of a specialized biologist, the course includes: external activities, such as formative trainings with firms, public administration structures (e.g. Marine Protected Areas) and laboratories, and/or stages with Italian and foreign universities, also within the framework of international agreements (e.g. the European Network Euromarine); practical classes in classrooms and/or in the field.
There is a single training program.
The final examination for the achievement of the LM in Coastal and Marine Biology and Ecology consists in the presentation and discussion in public , in front of an appointed commission, of a written text (thesis). The topic will be agreed upon with a docent of the Course of Coastal and Marine Biology and Ecology, and must be the result of an original experimental research carried out during the stage time (corresponding to 30 CFU).
The thesis work should be carried out under the leadership of a Speaker and can be carried out or in the laboratories of the university, or in public and/or private research institutions, located in Italy or abroad.
If the thesis is carried out in external structures (out of the University) it is necessary to appoint an external rapporteur, as well as the internal one.
By the final test the student must demonstrate the cultural maturity, the ability to personal computing, and the ability to effectively communicate the theme addressed.
Admission to the Master's Degree (Corso di Laurea Magistrale) in Coastal and Marine Biology and Ecology requires the possession of a three-year degree or a three-year university diploma, or any other title obtained abroad and recognized as suitable. To be enrolled in the Master's Degree in Coastal and Marine Biology and Ecology, candidates must possess the following curricular requisites (expressed in terms of CFU University Formative Credits referred to the groups of sectors listed below):
1) GROUP 1 (Botanica Generale, Botanica Sistematica, Botanica Ambientale e Applicata, Zoologia, Ecologia): from 6 to 40;
2) GROUP 2 (Anatomia Comparata e Citologia, Fisiologia, Biochimica, Genetica, Microbiologia): from 6 to 20;
3) GROUP 3 (Analisi Matematica, Probabilita' e Statistica Matematica, Fisica Matematica, Chimica Generale ed Inorganica, Chimica Organica): from 5 to 20.

To be admitted to the following evaluation of the adequacy of their personal preparation, candidates must have at least 60 CFU’s (calculated as the sum of the possessed CFU in the three disciplinary groups reported above). In addition to the requisites listed above, students must also possess adequate knowledge of the English language. This knowledge will be evaluated during the test of the initial preparation. These requirements are not applicable to English mother-tongue students.

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