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Dipartimento di Storia Società e Studi sull'Uomo

Lab P.A.I - Laboratorio di Psicologia Applicata e dell'Intervento
Prof.ssa Paola Angelelli (Associate Professor of General Psychology)

Department of Hystory, Society and Human Studies

Tel. +39 0832 29 4734 Room: 43b, fouth floor

  • Two computers;
  • an array of tets/instruments to measure neuropsychological, psychological and psychosocial variables;
  • one software for text-analysis.

Linee di ricerca
The lab is involved in four main reserach domains:
  • Neurocognitive and affective processes in healthy and neurologically damaged persons (Prof. Paola Angelelli)
  • Community social and organizational psychology (Prof. Terri Mannarini)
  • Clinical intervention in psychotherapy and health promotion (Prof. Omar Gelo - Prof. Claudia Venuleo)
  • Developmental and educational psychology (Prof. Filomena de Lumè)


The Lab of Applied Psychology and Intervention is a research structure belonging to the Department History, Society and Human Studies, University of Salento, Lecce, Italy.
The P.A.I Lab is engaged in the study of psychological processes characterizing people, groups and communities.

Faculty members:
Proff. Sergio Salvatore, Terri Mannarini, Omar Gelo, Claudia Venuleo,, Flavia Lecciso, Emanuela Ingusci, Filomena De Lumè, Alberta Giani, Chiara Valeria Marinelli, Cosimo Talò,
Affiliate scholars:
Dr. Alessia Rochira, Marika Iaia

Collaborazioni Esterne
Pierluigi Zoccolotti - University of Roma “Sapienza”; IRCCS Foundation Santa Lucia Rome
Cristina Burani ISCT- CNR - Rome
Claudio Luzzatti “University of Milano Bicocca” - Milan
Cristina Romani - Aston University -Birmingham
Anne Brodsky - University of Maryland Baltimore County (USA)
Angela Fedi - University of Turin
Jutta Fiegl - Sigmund Freud University Vienna (AUS)
David Orlinsky - University of Chicago (USA)
Christian Gold - Uni Research Bergen (N)
Cesare Maffei - Ambulatorio Riabilitazione Alcologica dell’Ospedale San Raffaele Milano; Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele Milano
Marcello Gallucci - University of Milano-Bicocca
Massimo Vasale - Policlinico Gemelli di Roma
Jaan Valsiner - University of Aalborg (DK)
Antonio Amico - Reparto di cardiologia dell’ospedale di Copertino
Gianfranco Ignone - Reparto di cardiologia dell’ospedale di Brindisi
Francesco Catalucci - Dipartimento di Dipendenze Patologiche dell’ASL di Brindisi
Salvatore Della Bona - Dipartimento di Dipendenze Patologiche dell’ASL di Lecce


The P.A.I is involved in several educational program (University Master, seminars for PhD programs) and of the Curriculum Welfare, health, education: subjectivity, process and politics of the PhD Program in Human and Social Sciences of the University of Salento.

Various research programs are in change of the Lab.
Two Programs “Future in research” (Financed by Regione Puglia)
H-2020-EURO-SOCIETY project “Between the representation of the crisis and the crisis of representation. How crisis changed the symbolic background of European societies and identities. Implication for policies and policy making”.

The members of the Lab. P.A.I are authors of several books and research Articles in peer-reviewed national and international journals.

Some meta-data:

  • Prof Paola Angelelli: about 60 publications that include 31 articles in peer-reviewed international journals, 3 books and 4 book chapters. Google Scholar (citations = 781; h-index = 13) and Scopus (citations = 485; h-index = 11)
  • Prof Omar Gelo: about 50 publications that include 20 articles in peer-reviewed international and national journals, 1monography, 1 edited book, and 21 book chapters. Google Scholar (citations = 390; h-index = 8) and Scopus (citations = 114; h-index = 5)
  • Prof. Terri Mannarini: about 105 publications including 28 articles in peer reviewed international journals, 4 books, and 45 book chapters. Google Scholar (citations = 626; h-index = 12) e Scopus (h-index = 7)
  • Prof. Filomena De Lumé: (2004-2015) 5 books, 1 article in a peer-reviewed international journal


It is active a consultancy services for the assessment of learning disability and cognitive functions (http://www.unisalento.it/c/document_library/get_file?folderId=30427331&name=DLFE-175872.pdf)

Dove siamo
  • Department of History, Society and Human Studies, Room: 43b, fourth floor
  • DREAM “Vito Fazzi” Hospital, Lecce

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